A twelve hour happening          


W139 ︎

January the 16th of 2016 the W139 roared and whispered for twelve hours straight. From noon till midnight it housed twelve artists of different artistic backgrounds and practices who each made a work of twelve hours. 12 hours long a fuse burnt, whips were clattered against a wall in an attempt to penetrate, chairs were slowly grinded into dust and a giant facade of paper was slowly torn into two pieces. In all 12 pieces duration was an essential aspect of its content and all pieces ended when the clock hit midnight.

Harpo 't Hart, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Paul Koek, Genevieve Murphy, Oscar Peters, Anne-Jan Reijn, Caroline Ruijgrok, Carmen Schabracq, Yvo Sprey, Leon de Bruijne, Arthur van Beek, Jochem van Tol.

 The show was initiated by Anne-Jan Reijn, Jochem van Tol and Oscar Peters who invited the other artists. The aim was to bring together artists solely based on the timeframe they comply to work with, discarding for instance the way the thematic frameworks of the artists could complement each other. Through this very simple format, a highly dynamic and complex show emerged. By the simple fact that all works shared the same space and timeframe, very interesting interlocking of the works coincided. Through this interlocking the show became a Gesammtkunstwerk rather then merely a group of individual artists. The audience also played a substantial role in the interlocking of the different pieces and in the way endurance became sensible during the 12 hours. The fact that they came in such high numbers (almost 2300) and in most cases remained in the space for long periods of time, created a concentrated and dense show, which was the perfect context for these works.