Jochem van Tol, 1983.

This website shows a selection of my work from the past 15 years.
From recent collaborations, exhibitions, performances, and concerts, to early study material.
Feel free to look around, or come back later – the selection will change over time.

~While 2020 and 2021 were two crazy years, I was lucky to be able to make new music in my roomy studio.
With my dearest friends it became a safe haven to meet and rehearse. Drink coffee and mojitos, while recording new music. It all came together in the result of two beautiful albums. Both self-titled albums Soon and Silverbones are pressed on 12” vinyl and released in 2022.~

Photo: Christina Marx, 2022

Featured Work         

T’iju T’iju

Having hung his hat in the past on collaborative projects such as The Paper Ensemble, SOON and Silverbones, Jochem van Tol’s new project T’iju T’iju answers a long-held hypothesis: what would happen if he were to experiment with sound and music on his own? The answer lies partly in its moniker, named after the Bolivian word for grasshopper, an animal the Amsterdam-based composer and artist feels a peculiar spiritual connection to.

“T'iju T'iju became a kind of nickname for me. Somehow I’ve always come across grasshoppers in my life, which is really funny. Whether it is on my car’s steering wheel or on a motorboat or in my house on top of my bed.
So I’ve come to believe the grasshopper is an animal that has mysteriously bonded with me. It’s something I like to fantasize about. T'iju T'iju became a kind of nickname for me instead of Jochem. At the same time, the pronouncement of the word is a kind of onomatopoeia for grasshoppers; the name itself sounds like something that could fit in my sound world.”  


text: Jasper Willems

The Paper Ensemble

Since 2007 I collaborate with Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti on one of our favorite projects: The Paper Ensemble. 
We developed a series of performances with instruments made of all kinds of different paper.  Many of which are found in rural Japan. Currently we finished a short music film together with Jiska Rickels,  in which the visuals and the composition co-exist.



~Formerly known as Obol Le~

“Using synthesizers and live tape manipulation among instruments and vocals, and combined with custom-built algorithmic videoprojections that respond to the music, this is like improvised jazz gone into jet-setting, shape-shifting hyperdrive”
Soundfly magazine NY

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Photo: Maaike Ronhaar, 2021


 Liú Mottes & Jochem van Tol

After months of sketching and different recording sessions in TapeTown Studio in Denmark (great place!) Liú and I finalised our first album SOON.
The collection of songs and sonic adventures investigate and weave together our noises from electric guitars and synthesisers.
Telling little stories reflecting the noises of the world. From ancient times towards the hidden galactic futures. In sound we dream of dinosaurs still walking around. And people travelling to far planets to build a new life.
We are happy to part of the Subroutine Records family who released the album in 2022.